Natural medicine

Homeopathy resolves conditions that have been previously
unresponsive to treatment by stimulating the body’s innate healing
capacity.Chelation Therapy
chiropractic Care Therapy involves a series of
treatments using intravenous administration of a medication call
ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid (EDTA). EDTA does not only remove the
dangerous metals but is a powerful antioxidant, a substance that
combats free radicals. It improves circulation, makes platelets less
sticky, thus reducing abnormal blood clotting, inflammation, calcium
accumulation in damaged cells and restores magnesium to the cell
Vascular disease, arteriosclerosis or
hardening of the arteries, is the number one cause of death in the US.
Patients with arteriosclerosis are often advised to undergo invasive
procedures such as bypass surgery or balloon angioplasty. Chelation
therapy offers a safe effective alternative to these common
Chelation is also offered for heavy metal poisoning due to exposure from “silver”
fillings and other heaving metals such as lead. A means of clearing
the body of excess metals and minerals. For information on mercury
fillings and your health visit the web sites of Consumers
for Dental Choice and Mothers
Against Mercury Amalgam. I.V. Vitamin Therapy
IV treatment infuses vitamins directly into the bloodstream and
body tissue.Manipulation
The primary goals of this therapy is the relief of
musculoskeletal pain and restoration of mobility.Human Growth Hormone
Effective in preventing and reversing many of the debilitating
changes in emotional and physical well-being we associate with aging
and chronic disease.