How to Properly Pack Your Furniture

How to Properly Pack Your Furniture

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Have you ever moved and once you got into your new place unpacked only to find things broken.  Packing is an art and if your belongings weren’t properly wrapped up before loading onto the truck, unfortunately broken pieces is the result.  Properly wrapping your furniture keeps it from getting scratched and gouged, and it will keep it from bouncing around every time the truck hits a pothole.  Here’s how to properly pack your furniture for your move.

Take the Furniture Apart

First it is easier to wrap and properly pack smaller pieces than one huge piece of furniture.  Things like dining chairs and the table and bed frames will come apart and they are far easier to fit into the truck afterwards.  When you take your furniture apart you’re going to have a pile of nuts, bolts and screws, put them in separate but clearly marked Ziploc bags labelled with the corresponding piece of furniture.  The last thing you need is to not be able to put your furniture back together because you lost the screws.  Here is a video showing you how to take your furniture apart for moving.

Bubble Wrap and Plastic Sheets are Your Friend

Wrap all of your delicate items in bubble wrap, this doesn’t just men glass use it on your wood furniture too, it will keep it from getting scratched.  Bubble wrap will also give your furniture more cushion than just a plain plastic sheet.  For the sofa, chairs and mattresses cover them with plastic sheeting it will avoid tears and any spills or water damage.  Place corrugated cardboard in between the furniture to keep from bouncing into each other.

Delicate pieces like mirrors you can use old blankets or packing blankets to keep them from breaking.  You can also use specially designed boxes that fit inside each other called telescoping boxes.  They will offer more support when you pack things like glass and mirrors, you can also stuff newspaper inside the boxes to keep the glass in place.

Uses Ropes or Bungee Cord to Secure Furniture

Always tie your furniture down to keep it in place especially if you’re moving with a pick up or an open trailer.  Most moving trucks will have hooks for just this reason.  Even furniture that has been tied down should have blankets and padding to keep it from bouncing around.  Tie it correctly so the rope itself doesn’t damage your furniture.

Moving doesn’t have to be this complicated thing that leaves you biting your nails.  Know how to pack your things properly and keep them safe and with some care and planning everything will arrive at your new place in perfect condition.