Online Media

The Internet is increasingly popular,
but is still largely limited to urban areas.


to the National Telecommunications Authority (NTA), there were nearly 2.3
million internet subscribers in Nepal in March 2011, giving a penetration rate
of 7.9%.


disproportionate number of these are likely to be members of the foreign and
aid community working in Nepal.


websites are popular, in particular the websites of leading newspapers. – the news website of the
Kantipur media group, claims 100,000 unique visitors and nearly five million
page views every day.


social networking site Facebook is
popular amongst urban youth. In March 2011, Facebook reported 850,000 users in
Nepal, 69% of whom were male and 31% female. – a website that analyses internet traffic listed the most visited
websites in Nepal as follows in descending order of popularity:


  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube
  • Windows Live
  • Twitter
  • Wikipedia

There are
thousands of bloggers in Nepal.


of them are grouped by the aggregator site, This carries several hundred individual blogs,
mostly in Nepali.


aggregator site, went
live in 2007. Two years later it listed over 1,000 blogs.


Twitter exists but in 2011 it had yet to take
off in the way it has done in some other Asian countries.


The most
popular tweeter is Paramendra Bhagat, a New York-based IT entrepreneur. In
August 2011, he had 45,000 followers.


The next
most popular tweeter was News from Nepal, which puts on headline news from
Nepal’s leading media. This had only 4,000 followers.


tariffs have fallen rapidly and home internet connections are now affordable
for many people.


In 2011, NTC
was offering domestic subscribers a basic ‘home surfing’ package 1,000 Nepalese
rupees (US$14) per month.


access is also available via the mobile phone network.