Familia 105.3 FM – Conakry

Radio Station
Languages: French Peul Soussou Malinke Kpelle

Radio Familia FM was set up by the local women’s NGO Actualité Féminine En Guinée (AFEG), in partnership with UNICEF, Search For Common Ground, Population Services International (PSI) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to promote family values and women’s rights in Guinea.


It used to broadcast from Conakry on 105.3 FM and 4.900 MHz short wave for 19 hours a day between 06.00hr and 01.00.


However, the station was closed in February 2011 following a dispute between its Canadian manager and its Guinean director.


It was not clear whether or when Familia FM would reopen.


In 2009, Familia FM became a propaganda mouthpiece for Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, the head of the transitional military government at the time.


It supported his ambition to be a candidate in the 2010 presidential elections and engaged in hate speech against his opponents.


The station was warned several times by Guinea’s association of private broadcasters l’Union des Radios et Télévisions libres de Guinée (URTELGUI) about its use of hate speech which ran counter to the organization’s code of conduct.


Programming on Familia FM ranged from news and phone-in discussion shows to sports, cultural, family and entertainment content.


Half of the radio station’s programming was in French.


It also broadcast programmes in Peul, Sousou, Malinke and Kpèllè.


Radio Familia claimed to reach over two million people in Conakry and the surrounding areas of Kindia, Bofa, Fria, Dubreka and Forécariah.


It aspired to achieve complete national coverage.


However, the station was closed by the government media regulator the Conseil National de la Communication (CNC) (National Council for Communication) in February 2011 as the result of a dispute between its Canadian manager Colette Baudais and its Guinean director Kaleb Kolié.


Baudais was awarded the radio stadios and their equipment, but Kolié was given the rights to the name of the radio station and its broadcasting licence.


Map of Radio Familia FM coverage

Source: Familia FM website

Colette Baudais
Director General
+244 62 41 28 93