Radio Overview

Widespread poverty and high rates of
illiteracy mean that radio is the most popular method of accessing information in


Audience participation programmes are
extremely popular. Most private FM stations have at least one daily phone-in


Many of the community stations in the
government’s Radio Rurale network
also broadcast phone-ins and round-table debates where local people have their
say on topical local issues.


The government began to license private
radio stations in 2005, ending a half century monopoly of the air waves by the
state broadcaster Radiodiffusion-Television
Guinéenne (RTG)


RTG operates two stations;


  • Radio
    also widely known as Radio Nationale, broadcasts nationwide
    on FM from Conakry
  • Radio
    Kaloum Stereo (RKS)
    is an FM entertainment station that
    broadcasts to Conakry and the surrounding area.


RTG also provides news and programming
for Radio Rurale de Guinée,
a government-run network of 23 local FM stations in the interior of Guinea.


Whereas RTG broadcasts mainly in French, Radio Rurale makes extensive use of local languages.


The first private radio station to open
in Guinea was Radio Nostalgie in
Conakry. It began broadcasting in 2006.


By the end of 2010, there were at least
17 private radio stations on air in Guinea.


Most were based in Conakry, but there were also private radio stations challenging the
state’s monopoly of the air waves in Coyah,
Labe, Kankan, Nzerekore, Faranah and Siguiri.

Poor funding and intermittent military
aggression have made life difficult for the private radio stations.


Many of them suffered intimidation and violent
attack during the political transition years of 2009 and 2010.


As a result, they practice heavy
self-censorship to stay out of trouble.


In some cases, editorial independence
has been sacrificed for financial gain.


According to media sources, many private
radio stations allow their news coverage and editorial line to be influenced by
payments from political and religious interest groups.


In addition to the private FM stations
broadcasting in Guinea, there are also several internet radio stations that
broadcast over the web from overseas.


These include Radio Kankan based
in Germany, and Radio Indiana Guinee which operates from the United States.