Diagnostic tools

In order to assess information needs and set up a communication strategy with disaster-affected communities, aid agencies should use the following set of diagnostic tools.


Those tools have been designed to support community and audience profiling, information needs and access assessments, communication strategy development and feasibility assessments elated to different channels of communication.


Read and download checklists, guidance and information sheets on:


Community Profiling: Community profiles give you a good understanding of the community you are working with. They illustrate the community's socio-economic characteristics, lifestyle and media consumption habits and can help inform your communication strategy. read - download .pdf


Questions for Information Needs and Access Assessments: In
the aftermath of an emergency, a rapid information needs and access assessment can cross check the community profile and provide a more accurate picture of the emerging needs on the ground. The questions can be inserted into an inter-agency needs assessment or done as a separate exercise. read - download .pdf


Radio Feasibility Assessment Checklist: This checklist helps you to decide whether radio is an appropriate channel of communication to use to communicate with the crisis-affected population. read - download .pdf


TV Feasibility Assessment Checklist: This checklist helps you to decide whether television is an appropriate channel of communication to use with crisis-affected populations. read - download .pdf


Frontline SMS and infoasaid: Assessing the Mobile Environment: This checklist helps you decide whether to use mobile phones as a channel of communication with affected populations. download .pdf


Characteristics of Different Channels of Communication: This table outlines the pros and cons of using different channels of communication. Channels range from mass media such as TV, radio and print to
the more traditional methods such as drama or music. download .pdf


Emergency preparedness and response checklist for communication: This checklist contains a list of questions to help you be better prepared both before and after an emergency breaks. read - download .pdf


Communication Strategy Template: This template includes a set of questions that will help guide you in developing your communication strategy. It is designed for emergency situations but can be used in your development programmes too. read - download .pdf


Generic M&E framework: This framework developed in collaboration with IFRC allows you to assess

the impact of communications interventions. Indicators cover key components of a communication project including: information provision, dialogue, analysis and verification of feedback, and response. dowload .pdf